We understand that all businesses are unique. Our dedicated accounts team will make everything pleasant and highly effective by understanding clearly how we could best assist your process. Let us set everything up for you and let your team focus on what matters. Set defined parameters and conditions on every employee’s transaction.  Each individual account with us is completely managed with an end-to-end solution. We tailor corporate accounts to suit our client’s preferences. Your preferences are our priorities. Enjoy the pleasure of monthly invoicing and effective resource management.

Dedicated account management

Our team will tailor your policy to transport your employees within times and days specified by you. Pre set locations for your employees.

Employee allocation allowance

Manage employee access on your corporate account. Simply edit this information in your account settings.

Management information

Receive detailed invoicing specifying all bookings made during the period; this would include unique booking codes, costs, vehicle type and route taken by which employee within each department of your company.

Intelligent technology

Give each employee the code relevant to his or her preset conditions, Our executive service will arrive via a pre booked arrangement or via locomotive instant pick up request. Your company account will debit only when the assigned service is complete.

Security and tracking

Our technology will provide real-time information of current location. Need to know where each employee is? Simply get them to share their location to you from their Locomote interface. Be ensured that your journey is covered by commercial auto insurance from pick up to drop off.

Conditions and compliance

By setting conditions you can specify locations of the journeys and times applicable for specified employees within your corporation. Locomote automatically ensure that only journeys that meet your conditions set up on your corporate account are charged to your company account.

Smart Spending

Set up company debit card to only deduct when required. Confidently manage spend allocation. Have a budget and prefer monthly invoicing? Our contracts can deliver you from place to place within a 6-month commitment plan. Pay at the end of each working month.

Manage Online

Create and setup your Locomote Corporate Account online, you will be able to manage and assign preferences to each employee on your account. We offer dedicated support to each of our account holders.